Stasis Equine Therapies

At Stasis we believe the health, happiness and performance of your horse is significantly improved through continued care for the musculoskeletal system. 

This is achieved through the consistent care for the soft tissue of the animal. Evidence shows the massaging of the soft tissue, comprised of muscle, ligaments and joints results in a more fluid movement and circulation of the blood in which healthy nutrients, energy and oxygen is delivered. 

This process gives the horse greater agility, comfort and optimises health to assist in everyday wellbeing.

Horse who is naturally very tight, No More!
March 23, 2021

I have a horse who is naturally very tight. Since having massages with Kia, she has been so much looser in her back and she is now finding her left pirouettes and changes much easier (she had been really struggling to step through with her left hind in these movements). Her muscles in her back end are visibly more loose, when I brush her I can see the muscle wobbling!! After just 2 treatments she has sustained this looseness for weeks ❤️