Why book a massage?

Stasis’ aim is to restore the horse’s natural freedom of movement by reducing any restrictions of motion”

A Stasis therapist is able to detect and act on subtle changes in the soft tissue at an early stage, maintaining a horse’s performance level and comfort.

Massage will increase the range of motion and the effectiveness of the footfall. In a healthy, sound horse, that means enhanced movement and freedom throughout the body, this in turn makes your horse capable of moving in a more relaxed manner making a happier horse and increasing rider/handler/driver rapport.

Prevention is always better than a cure. Stasis equine massage therapy will maintain and balance the musculoskeletal system, optimising the body to allow itself to heal naturally.  All horses should have quarterly checkups as a preventative measure. Regular sessions are recommended for horses in medium to intense training, these sessions vary from monthly to weekly if competing.

Rehabilitate –Stasis equine massage therapy aids recovery, reduces swelling and disperses any fluids held within the soft tissues. If your horse is showing signs of discomfort or any of the following symptoms (ie biting, kicking, ear pinning, rearing, head tossing, dragging feet, taking a long time to warm up, resisting a contact, stiffness on one rein and less obvious signs like blinking when touching an area, tail swishing, tail cramping, leaning into grooming….) a massage will help pinpoint these areas and treat them accordingly.

Working in collaboration with your vet a recommended course of treatment for optimal results.

Please note your horse must be cleared by the vet before commencing any massage as part of the the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 1962. Stasis works in cooperation with the primary caregiver of each horse, the vet. please read legal information.